Perk Pressure Based Judgment In Sports

by Hal Mooz 21. March 2012 10:37

Payton suspended one year

The New Orleans Saints ran an illegal bounty system targeting opposing offensive players and now they are the ones paying a heavy price for those actions.

Players were rewarded $1,500 for what were described as “knockout” hits and $1,000 for “cart-offs” (i.e. an injured opponent being taken off the field on a medical cart). The payoff amounts were doubled or tripled during the postseason.

Sports Illustrated first reported that Saints linebacker Jon Vilma offered a $10,000 reward to any teammate who could drive Minnesota quarterback Brett Favre out of the NFC championship game in January 2010. Favre played the entire game but was the victim of numerous borderline hits, including a high-low shot by defensive linemen Bobby McCray and Remi Ayodele that caused a serious ankle injury. Defensive end Anthony Hargrove also was flagged and fined by the NFL for a late-hit on Favre.


Jermaine Makes a Permanent Error Decision

by Hal Mooz 16. March 2012 07:56

Jermaine Jones disqualified by 'American Idol,' Top 11 finalists sing

Jermaine Jones was disqualified from American Idol due to undisclosed active criminal charges during Wednesday night's live performance show, which featured the competition's Top 12 eleventh-season finalists --minus Jones -- performing songs that had been released during the years they were born.

The problem was not the charges but that he decided to not reveal them to the Idol executives.






Decisions Based On Unpredicable Uncertainty Are Highly Risky

by Hal Mooz 8. March 2012 18:41

Harold Camping Says May 21 Rapture Prediction Was 'Incorrect And Sinful'

Radio evangelist Harold Camping has called his erroneous prediction that the world would end last May 21 an "incorrect and sinful statement" and said his ministry is out of the prediction business.

"We have learned the very painful lesson that all of creation is in God's hands and he will end time in his time, not ours!" reads the statement signed by Camping and his staff and posted on his ministry's website.


Peer Pressure Judgment Leading to Addiction Based Judgment

by Hal Mooz 8. March 2012 13:39

Teen smoking an 'epidemic,' new report finds

Smoking among America's youth has reached epidemic proportions, starting them on the path to a lifetime of addiction, the U.S. surgeon general's office said in its first report on youth smoking since 1994.   

Almost one in five high school-aged teens smokes, down from earlier decades, but the rate of decline has slowed, the report said. Because few high school smokers are able to quit, some 80 percent will continue to smoke as adults, according to the report released on Thursday.



Texting and Driving Can Be a Permanent Error

by Hal Mooz 5. March 2012 13:06

Parents of teen who died texting and driving: 'Kids think they're invincible'

Taylor Sauer was messaging every 90 seconds while going 80 mph on Idaho highway. Sauer texted about her dangerous behavior just before she died


Emerging Emotion Based Industry

by Hal Mooz 2. March 2012 12:19

Pet owners who can't let go turn to freeze-drying

"What we hear from pet owners is that they're so attached to their pet, they just can't stand to bury their pet or they don't want to cremate it," Eddy told LiveScience. "It's just too precious to them."

Many clients are older or single, living alone, McCullough said. Some preserve their pet so that when they themselves die, the animal can be buried with them.

Expensive niche taxidermy takes sensitivity and skill, but it's growing across U.S.


The Price of Lust Can Also Be High

by Hal Mooz 1. March 2012 14:43

Calif. teacher resigns after leaving family for student

(Emotion Based Judgment)


By staff

Modesto police are investigating if there’s a criminal case against a former high school teacher who resigned his job to move into an apartment with an 18-year-old girl he met while teaching.

James Hooker, 41, was placed on administrative leave Feb. 3 by Modesto City Schools and resigned less than three weeks later, according to a report at the Modesto Bee.

The newspaper reports that the man, who had taught business and computer classes, left his wife and children, to move in with Jordan Powers, an Enochs High School senior whom he met when she was a freshman at the school.

"In making our choice, we've hurt a lot of people," Hooker told the Bee. "We keep asking ourselves, 'Do we make everyone else happy or do we follow our hearts?' "

Tammie Powers, the student’s mother, told the Bee she believes Hooker pursued her daughter, and cited recent problems with her daughter’s grades and health. Her daughter had panic attacks.


The Price of Adrenaline Can Be Very High

by Hal Mooz 1. March 2012 11:20

Skydiver killed in stunt after trying to 'skim across pond at 60mph' before landing.

Death of Michael Unger, 32, is sixth at the same spot in 15 months.

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There are sports that provide the emotional rush of adrenaline without undo risk and there are sports that include the potential of permanent undesirable outcomes including severe injury and death. Bungee jumping, sky diving, and skydiving with the added thrill of swooping are examples. In deciding, one must always trade off the opportunity of an adrenaline rush versus the inherent risk of injury or death. This example shows that experience alone is not enough to assure a positive outcome.


The Elephant in our Country

by Hal Mooz 28. February 2012 15:57

I was asked to speak at an executive offsite in Washington, DC. Attending my presentation on making decisions were about 50 highly thought of managers. The first thing I noticed as they filled the room was that only a few sought the front seats with most preferring the rear. Later I presented the following scenario. “I invite you to dinner. You say thank you and what time? I indicate that 6pm is the time. You say, Thank you.” I then asked this room of leaders, how many of them believe the interaction has resulted in a binding agreement? Only four hands were raised.

How many people do you know? Probably thousands. Now list the names of those people that when they agree to do something you have 100% confidence it will happen as promised. Most people cannot count more than the fingers of one hand.

This is a sad commentary to our society. My parents drilled in to me, “Make a promise, Keep a promise.”



Mark Wahlberg: I Take My Kids to Get My Tattoos Removed

by Hal Mooz 26. February 2012 10:43

“I don’t want my kids getting tattoos." In an effort to deter his children from getting any ink of their own, Wahlberg makes the trips to the office a family affair.

“I’ve taken my two older kids to the procedure so they see how painful it is and what I have to go through,” he reveals.

Tattoos are a decison with potential bad outcome that can be permanent. They can cause loss of employment.

Tattoo parlors are unregulated and have the potential of transmitting disease. Tattoo scars can be permanent.


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