Critical Decision To Be Made Based On Uncertainty

by Hal Mooz 30. August 2013 09:14

Bush: Obama has ‘tough choice to make’ on Syria

Former President George W. Bush said Friday that his successor has a “tough choice to make” on U.S. intervention in Syria, as American allies and Congress appear to be balking at the idea of a strike on Syrian military assets.

The former president – who launched a military intervention in Iraq in 2003 based on the belief that that country’s leader, Saddam Hussein, was harboring stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction – said that he did not want to get “roped in” to commenting on the ongoing debate over whether a strike in Syria would be justified based on its regime’s apparent use of chemical weapons.

Asked about his thoughts on the international community’s apparent reluctance to sign off on military intervention, Bush – who assembled a “coalition of the willing” of more than two dozen countries before his invasion of Iraq – declined to comment.

“The president has to make a tough call,” he repeated. “I know that you’re trying to subtly rope me in to the issues of the day. I refuse to be roped in. “


Power Pressure Based Decision Unjustly Convicts Father

by Hal Mooz 18. August 2013 20:36

Daughter: I lied and sent my dad to prison for rape

Chaneya says that in 1997, she falsely accused a man of raping her. That man – who has always maintained his innocence -- is Daryl Kelly, Chaneya’s father. Chaneya Kelly is on a mission: she wants the world to know about a horrible lie she says she told almost 16 years ago – a lie that cost a man his freedom. “I'm 24 years old and I made this mistake when I was nine years old,” Chaneya told NBC News, “but it's never too late to try and right your wrong. “

In October 1997, Daryl Kelly was living with his wife, Charade, and their five children in Newburgh, N.Y., 90 miles north of New York City. Chaneya, their oldest child, was two months shy of her ninth birthday.

Chaneya remembers being downstairs with her father one morning before school when she had to use the bathroom. When she was done, she went upstairs, and that’s when Chaneya says her mother asked her a question that came out of the blue. “She repeatedly asked me, has my dad touched me,” recalled Chaneya. “I was like, ‘What do you mean, did he touch me?’ And she was like, ‘Did he touch you in your no-no spot?’ And I would repeatedly say no.”

Chaneya says the more she denied any abuse, the more irate her mother became – and even threatened her with a belt. According to Chaneya, her mother said, “If you don’t tell me the answer that I want to hear, I’m going to beat you.” To avoid a beating, says Chaneya, she told her mother that her father molested her even though it wasn't true.

Kelly -- who had never before been convicted of a felony -- refused a plea deal that would have made him eligible for parole in six years, and within a year he faced a jury. Based on Chaneya’s graphic testimony, it took them just hours to find her father guilty, and he was sentenced to 20 to 40 years and barred from having any contact with his children.

After her father’s conviction, authorities removed Chaneya from her mother's custody, citing Charade’s drug abuse, and she was sent to live with her grandmother, Pat Thomas, a Pentecostal minister. It was there – six months after her father’s conviction -- that Chaneya told her grandmother that she was never raped, and that the story had been born out of fear of her mother.

Her mother, Charade, also submitted an affidavit to the court, swearing she threatened to beat Chaneya unless she said her father raped her.



Some Perk Based Decisions Result In Jail Time

by Hal Mooz 14. August 2013 10:44

'I misled the American people': Jesse Jackson, Jr. gets 2 1/2 years in prison

Former Illinois lawmaker Jesse Jackson, Jr., was sentenced Wednesday to 30 months in prison after pleading guilty to spending $750,000 in campaign funds on personal items. He will also face 36 months of probation, 500 hours of community service and continued mental health care.

His wife Sandra Jackson was sentenced to one year, after pleading guilty to tax fraud. The couple's prison sentences will be staggered, and the judge left it up to the Jacksons' discretion to determine who will be first to serve their sentence.

"I misled the American people," Jackson said in a statement to the court, according to NBC Chicago. "I misled the House of Representatives. I misled the media by filing my reports. I was wrong. And I don't fault anyone. And I hope even those who still support me don't hold any judgment against you."


Doctrine Based Decision Lasts and Lasts

by Hal Mooz 13. August 2013 17:08

My father used to say, "What you put down with a pen you cannot chop out with an ax."

Man's NYC apartment rent is cheaper than a Twinkie

It's pretty safe to say that no one has paid less than David Lieberman to live on the island of Manhattan since Native Americans ran the place. His current rent for a two-bedroom apartment on Morningside Boulevard in Harlem is — wait for it — one dollar a month. Lieberman got the place for $2,100 in 2006, then discovered that the former tenants had been allowed by the city to pay $1 a month while fire repairs were being made. They didn't move back in, and the apartment appeared on Craigslist at market value. Lieberman sued the landlord, claiming he was deceived into thinking the pad was no longer rent stabilized. He won, getting a $104,000 settlement and his sweet one dollar rent. The landlord's legal attempts to break the deal have come to nothing. So Lieberman stays. Provided he can come up with $12 a year.


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