Decision Type Factor - Can Something Bad Happen?

by Hal Mooz 24. September 2013 14:54

Thrill-seeker killed in parachute jump off Calif. mountain

Walden Grindle, 35, died over the weekend after colliding with a cliff at Napa County's Mt. Saint Helena. He was parachuting off the mountaintop.

"He probably just misjudged how close he was to the rock formation," Anderson said. "That's part of what the thrill is - to see how close you can get to things, and he just got a little too close."

According to the United States Parachute Association, which issues skydiving licenses and publishes training manuals on the extreme sport, 19 fatal skydiving accidents were reported in the United States out of about 3.1 million jumps in 2012.


Extreme Emotion Based Decision?

by Hal Mooz 20. September 2013 09:08

Ore. man killed wife for closing ketchup bottle too tightly

Lawrence Loeffler, 86, is on trial for the shooting death of his 83-year-old wife, Betty Loeffler. Prosecutors say the attack occurred because of family grievances.

An 86-year-old Oregon man on trial for the shooting death of his wife carried out the attack after a series of grievances with his family that prosecutors said included the failure of his stepdaughter to wish him a happy birthday and his complaint that his wife put the lid on the ketchup bottle too tightly.

Deschutes County prosecutor Mary Anderson told jurors about Lawrence Loeffler's complaints during opening statements Wednesday at his murder trial.

Anderson said Lawrence Loeffler took the phone off the hook, retrieved a .25-caliber handgun in the middle of the night from the bedroom where she slept and then "set a trap" to get his wife onto the deck at the back of their house near La Pine, a town of about 1,670 people on the east edge of the Cascade Range in Central Oregon. He shot her once in the neck and then again in the head in what he described to investigators as a "kill shot" to make sure she was dead, Anderson told jurors.


Is This Decision A Binding Agreement? How Do We Know?

by Hal Mooz 15. September 2013 09:45

US, Russia reach deal on Syria's chemical weapons

The United States and Russia struck a deal Saturday under which Syria will allow its stockpile of chemical weapons to be removed or destroyed by next year — easing a crisis over a threatened American military attack.

Secretary of State John Kerry and his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, announced the deal after a third day of talks in Geneva.

“This framework provides the opportunity for the elimination of Syrian chemical weapons in a transparent, expeditious, and verifiable manner, which could end the threat these weapons pose not only to the Syrian people but to the region and the world,” President Barack Obama said in a statement issued by the White House after the deal. “The international community expects the Assad regime to live up to its public commitments.”


Tattoo Decision - Can Something Bad Happen? - Yes It Can

by Hal Mooz 5. September 2013 10:42

Your tattoo may be ruining your career, new study finds

Is your tattoo keeping you from getting your dream job? Managers often refrain from hiring potential employees who have visible tattoos, even if they personally like body art, a new British study has found. "Hiring managers realize that, ultimately, it does not matter what they think of tattoos. What really matters, instead, is how customers might perceive employees with visible tattoos," Dr. Andrew Timming of St. Andrew's University School of Management said during a presentation of his findings.

Timming interviewed recruiters in 14 industries, including hospitality, banking, prison and academics. "Respondents expressed concern that visibly tattooed workers may be perceived by customers to be 'abhorrent', 'repugnant', 'unsavory' and 'untidy,'" he said. "It was surmised that customers might project a negative service experience based on stereotypes that tattooed people are thugs and druggies."


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