Faith Based Murder Decision

by Hal Mooz 27. May 2014 11:32
Family Stones Pakistani Woman to Death in 'Honor Killing' Outside Court


Faith Based Doctrine Decision

by Hal Mooz 25. May 2014 07:35

Indonesia Gang Rape Survivor May Face Public Caning

An Indonesian woman who was gang-raped by men accusing her of having extramarital sex may be caned publicly for violating Islamic law, an official said Wednesday. The 25-year-old widow said she was raped by eight men who allegedly found her with a married man in her house. The men reportedly beat the man, doused the two with sewage, and then turned them over to Islamic police in conservative Aceh province.

The head of Islamic Shariah law in the district, Ibrahim Latief, said his office has recommended the widow and the married man be caned nine times for violating religious law, pending an investigation. Its preliminary finding was that the two were about to have sex at that time, but Latief contended they violated Shariah law by being in the same room together. He said they also admitted they had sex earlier.

Police have arrested three of the eight men and are hunting for the others.

Latief said the eight could be caned for raping the woman, but "it will be too lenient if they just received the same punishment of nine strokes." The criminal charge of rape carries a maximum penalty of 15 years.


Can Something Bad Happen And Is It Permanent?

by Hal Mooz 21. May 2014 19:53

Dad: Kicking son down skateboard ramp was 'a bonehead decision'

Kicking his son down a skateboard ramp "was my poor attempt at trying to help him overcome his fear," Marcus Crossland told NBC's Kerry Sanders. "It was a bonehead decision." 

"It was an effort to help him, but it didn't come out that way," Crossland told Sanders. "I'm sorry that I made that decision to use that tactic as opposed to another. I'm sorry for the outcome. Because of a decision I made, my wife and my children and everybody has got to deal with it." 

"You can be the most amazing, kind-hearted, giving person in the world — all it takes is that two seconds and people will hate you." 

The family said Crossland lost his job as a result of the fallout. Now, the family says they plan to move. 

"It's affected our family, it's affected our day-to-day lives, it's affected our jobs, our household," said Crossland. "Now those three seconds of video footage didn't necessarily really affect us. The repercussions have."




A Very Permanent Decision

by Hal Mooz 20. May 2014 07:42

'The Shield' Actor Michael Jace Arrested Over Wife's Murder

Police arrested actor Michael Jace early Tuesday morning on suspicion of murder in connection with the shooting death of his wife in their Los Angeles home.

They were met by Michael Jace, and discovered April Jace, 40, dead inside the house, according to Detective Sal LaBarbera. He said investigators were not looking for any additional suspects, and believe the incident was isolated to the Jace home.

LAPD confirmed Jace, best known for playing an LAPD officer in the TV series "The Shield," was booked on suspicion of murder around 3:30 a.m. Tuesday. LaBarbera said Jace and his wife have been married for nine years.


The couple's two children, both boys under the age of 10, were in the home at the time of the shooting. The LAPD has not confirmed whether the children witnessed the shooting.


Not Quite Doctrine - But Close

by Hal Mooz 19. May 2014 18:56

Chipotle: Don't Bring Your Guns into Our Stores

Chipotle is asking customers not to bring firearms into its stores after it says gun rights advocates brought military-style assault rifles into one of its restaurants in Texas. The Denver-based company notes that it has traditionally complied with local laws regarding open and concealed firearms.

But in a statement Monday, the company said that "the display of firearms in our restaurants has now created an environment that is potentially intimidating or uncomfortable for many of our customers."

The announcement came after a petition by Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, which has called on other companies to ban firearms in their stores as well. The group said its petition was in reaction to open-carry gun activists appearing at a Dallas-area Chipotle restaurant over the weekend.

Erika Soto Lamb, a spokeswoman for the group, said she thought the move by Chipotle was a "bold statement," especially considering its previous stance of complying with local laws. Many states allow people to carry licensed guns in some way, but some businesses exercise their right to ban firearms.

Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. noted in its statement that "there are strong arguments on both sides of this issue." It said it hoped that customers who oppose carrying guns in public agree that "it is the role of elected officials and the legislative process to set policy in this area."


Faith Based Decision Conflict

by Hal Mooz 12. May 2014 11:09

Jews Protest at Last Supper Site Ahead of Visit by Pope Francis

More than 200 Orthodox Jews protested on Monday against the pope's planned visit to the site where Christians believe Jesus Christ had his Last Supper. The Cenacle, a building on top of Mount Zion outside Jerusalem's walls, has resonance with all the Abrahamic religions. For Jews, it is the Tomb of King David and it is also the site of a 16th-century mosque.

But Orthodox Jews say that letting Christians pray there is in direct conflict with their religious teachings.

Protesters gathered outside the tomb on Monday, with loudspeakers broadcasting prayers and calls for more people to join their cause.

"Under Jewish law it is a big problem...basically they are taking over the place," organizer Rabbi Avraham Goldstein told NBC News.

This controversy comes on the heels of a string of vandalism attacks allegedly perpetrated by far-right Jewish groups on Christian sites in the holy city. Several Christian churches have been defaced and the top Roman Catholic cleric in the Holy Land said the spate "poisons the atmosphere of coexistence."

Fourteen attacks by suspected far-right Israelis have been reported in the past year, according to Reuters. Several have been carried out over the last month, including a death threat daubed in Hebrew at the Assembly of Bishops at the Notre Dame Center in East Jerusalem, where the pontiff is due to meet Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.




Power Pressure Based Fraud Decision

by Hal Mooz 9. May 2014 20:37

VA Whistleblowers Describe Alleged 'Cooking' of the Books

A whistleblower who worked at two Texas VA facilities claims he was “coached” on how to “cook the books” to conceal long wait times for patients, adding to concerns that the alleged falsification of records first alleged at a Phoenix VA Hospital might be widespread.

“We were changing numbers, we were changing dates,” Brian Turner, an Army medic turned VA scheduling clerk, told NBC News. “We were cooking the books.”


Staffers at VA facilities in two states have now made public allegations that they were aware of or participated in the manipulation of records, and an internal email from a facility in a third seems to show that staffers were told how to “game the system” to hide wait times.

Turner said he was inspired to come forward and contact the VA’s Inspector General by the allegations of the initial VA whistleblower, Dr. Samuel Foote, who claimed that the Phoenix facility where he worked until recently had a secret paper wait list in addition to its official electronic wait list so it could hide the length of time some patients had to go without care. He said that as many as 40 patients may have died because of delays.

In Phoenix, Dr. Foote claims that when the national VA tried to add a new data field that would have helped prevent the fudging of a patient’s requested appointment date, a local manager directed clerks to start putting new patient appointments on a paper records instead of into the computer system.

VA Secretary Eric Shinseki said Friday that he had placed an employee from the Cheyenne VA Medical Center on paid leave and asked the inspector general to investigate. “VA takes any allegations about patient care or employee misconduct very seriously,” said the statement. “If true, the behavior outlined in the email is unacceptable.”

“If this is what it takes for VA leaders to do the right thing, you can’t help but question how they operate when they think no one is paying attention,” said Rep. Jeff Miller, R.-Florida, chair of the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs.


Perk Pressure Based Decision

by Hal Mooz 9. May 2014 13:04

Man gets life for killing wife for insurance money

A South Florida man was sentenced to life in prison Wednesday for killing his wife of four days to collect a $1 million life insurance policy.

Escoto was newly married to Wendy Trapaga, 21, when he strangled and beat her to death in October 2002, prosecutors said. Escoto initially tried to drug Trapaga during their Key West honeymoon and make her death look like an accidental drowning, but Trapaga complained her drink was too chalky. He tried to drown her again several days later in a Jacuzzi at Miami's Executive Airport Motel, but he couldn't get her to stay under water. He finally beat her to death with a tire iron outside a warehouse later that night, prosecutors said.

The lead witness against Escoto was his ex-girlfriend, Yolanda Cerrillo. With immunity from prosecution, Cerrillo told jurors she helped Escoto plan the murder, ground up the prescription painkillers to knock Trapaga out and even practiced with Escoto how to drown the young woman. She also admitted driving Escoto away from the crime scene and taking him to dispose of the tire iron in Biscayne Bay.


Possible Peer Pressure Based Decision?

by Hal Mooz 7. May 2014 21:41

High school senior class prank leads to 62 arrests

TEANECK, N.J. (AP) — Sixty-two students were arrested Thursday after police said they broke into their high school overnight for a senior class prank, urinating in hallways, greasing doorknobs with petroleum jelly and taping hot dogs to lockers.

Police said officers responding to a burglar alarm at Teaneck High School shortly after 2 a.m. also found desks flipped over, chairs broken, graffiti on the walls, silly string on the floors and balloons throughout the building.

"It is possible that a few got away, but the majority were caught," Acting Police Chief Robert Carney said.

He said the students told officers that it was a senior prank — an annual tradition at the northern New Jersey school of 1,300 students, though it is usually not this involved. As they were arrested, Carney said, some students were scared but others were laughing.

"If this was a senior class prank, I just don't believe that a lot of them realize the seriousness of it as far as breaking into the building," Sgt. John Garland said. "That's a burglary and I don't think they understand that. It's a very serious offense."

The 24 students who are 18 or older were charged with burglary and criminal mischief. The other 38 are juveniles and are being released to their parents.


New Doctrine At Selected Restaurants

by Hal Mooz 5. May 2014 09:35

Gratuities 'not expected' as some US restaurants forgo tips

In the United States, customers are expected to add an extra 10 to 20 percent to their tab at the end of a meal - but increasingly restaurants are forgoing these tips.

Leaving a gratuity is de rigueur when dining out because pay for restaurant servers is so low.

While the US federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour, wait staff can legally be paid as little as $2.13 in some places. In New York, one of the most expensive US cities, salaries for waiters start at $5.00 per hour.

However there is a new trend: Riki Restaurant in New York is one of a growing number of establishments eliminating tips by taking the unusual step of paying their staff higher wages.

"Riki Restaurant is now a non-tipping establishment," read notices at the popular Japanese eatery. "Tipping is not required nor expected."

The no-tip policy is especially being adopted by upscale restaurants, said Michael Lynn, a professor at Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration.

A downside is the sticker shock that patrons sometimes suffer when browsing through menus that have tips factored into the prices.

Other managers say greater pay security in tip-less restaurant reduces turnover and improves morale.

"If they were properly compensated for their work, they might treat their customers better," Warren said.


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