The Elephant in our Country

by Hal Mooz 28. February 2012 15:57

I was asked to speak at an executive offsite in Washington, DC. Attending my presentation on making decisions were about 50 highly thought of managers. The first thing I noticed as they filled the room was that only a few sought the front seats with most preferring the rear. Later I presented the following scenario. “I invite you to dinner. You say thank you and what time? I indicate that 6pm is the time. You say, Thank you.” I then asked this room of leaders, how many of them believe the interaction has resulted in a binding agreement? Only four hands were raised.

How many people do you know? Probably thousands. Now list the names of those people that when they agree to do something you have 100% confidence it will happen as promised. Most people cannot count more than the fingers of one hand.

This is a sad commentary to our society. My parents drilled in to me, “Make a promise, Keep a promise.”



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