Expensive Attempt To Remove a Permanent Error

by Hal Mooz 18. April 2012 09:40

Tattoo remorse? New techique offers quick removal

Good news for all those people who look in the mirror and confront that tattoo they purchased with the wisdom of tequila, or lover’s passion, or peer pressure, but now regret. A new technique may drastically cut the time required to remove it, reducing what could take a year or more to just several months.

Gianni said, “I want this gone as quickly as possible!”  "We did it February 8 and in the areas we hit three or four times, it is 75 percent gone,” she reported. “In the areas we hit only once, it doesn’t look like it was hit at all.” At $600 per session, she’ll have invested about $1,200 erasing her ex, a reminder to all prospective tattoo-ees: caveat emptor.




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