Decision with Potential Bad Outcome?

by Hal Mooz 25. April 2012 14:30

Dumb teens caught on camera after stealing cops' bait car

"If they start asking, none of us did it," one passenger in a stolen car says. That would've been a great plan, dog, if you and your friends hadn't been caught on camera stealing this police "bait car." On the dashcam video, the driver is seen swiping the car before picking up his bro-tastic friends. "I don't know, dog," he says. "I saw this car with the keys inside ... I was like, this is the car." They spent most of the joyride debating what they'd do if they got caught ("This is Grand Theft Auto, dog!"). They were pulled over 20 minutes later, but -- dog! -- the cops haven't said what charges they'll face.


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