Permanent Errors Cannot Be Undone

by Hal Mooz 26. April 2012 07:11

Marine who criticized Obama on Facebook: I wish I could take it back

Sgt. Gary Stein, the 26-year-old Marine who learned Wednesday he would be discharged for his online comments criticizing President Barack Obama, wishes he could take it back. "People ask me, ‘Would you go back and change those words?’ I would most definitely,” Stein told “I would articulate my point better.” On March 1, Stein wrote on a closed forum for active-duty meteorologists and oceanographers that he would say "Screw Obama" and not follow all orders from him. according to Courthouse News. “Obama is the economic enemy,” he wrote in the post. “He is the religious enemy ... He is the ‘fundamentally change’ America enemy … He IS the Domestic Enemy.”







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