Cures for Excessive Emotion Based Judgment

by Hal Mooz 9. May 2012 09:02

9 ways to stop impulse buying

Here are simple and solid methods for reducing the temptation to buy items you don't need and can't afford. Ah, the impulse purchase -- that momentary thriller, that destroyer of budgets. The impulse buy is a nefarious beast. No matter how good we are at saving and living frugally, sometimes it can be hard to resist that impulse purchase.

1. Follow the time rule

2. Don't shop when upset

3. Consider changing how and when you shop

4. Don't shop with the wrong people

5. Give yourself a splurge budget

6. Buy only things you can return

7. Don't be fooled by sales

8. Use a list of things yu really need or want

9. Limit your access to money





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