Permanent Decision Almost Results In Permanent Error

by Hal Mooz 25. May 2012 14:37

80-year-old thrill-seeker clings for life at 13000 ft after botched skydive

An elderly American thrill-seeker was left hanging on for dear life, after she accidentally slipped out of her harness while carrying out a tandem parachute jump in California. Laverne, an 80-year-old pensioner had for nearly a decade been planning on celebrating her birthday by carrying out what would be a dare-devil parachute jump, considering her advanced age. However, when Laverne did muster the courage to carry out the jump, in an apparent bout of nerves, the lady appears to have changed her mind once on board the plane. The sky-dive centre in California which did the video recording of the incident, clearly shows Laverne opposing the instructor's attempts to guide her towards the entrance to carry out the jump. A close look at the video shows Laverne resisting and shouting “no” but the instructor undaunted is seen prising off her fingers from the door frame and it looks like she is almost being pushed out of the plane. Next one can see the duo tumbling out of the plane, spinning out of control at speeds of up to 125mph. It even becomes clear that Laverne has slipped out of her harness partially. The hapless woman can be seen at high altitude with her jacket blown over her head with her back exposed. Noticing the commotion, a cameraman shooting the jump is seen going closer to help hold her. Meanwhile, apparently understanding the gravity of the situation, the instructor then grips her by her knees before pulling out his parachute. Thankfully, towards the end, the unlikely bunch manages to land safely on a turf of grass. However, both the instructor and the elderly women seem to be still in a daze and were being comforted after the near fatal episode. Laverne must have surely thanked her stars after this lucky escape. Probably, even swear off any more such whimsical birthday celebrations.
















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