Internet Post a Permanent Error

by Hal Mooz 26. May 2012 07:01

Dad busted for fake porn profile of kid's principal

Robert Dale Esparza Jr. of Gilbert, Arizona, "sort of laughed," says Dennis Ogorchock, a detective with the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Computer Crimes Unit. But soon, Esparza may be laughing from a jail cell. ast year, Esparza created the profile of Frank Hendricsen, assistant principal of Gateway Pointe Elementary School, where his son attended, using the faculty member's full name and photos as a revenge prank, the detective told in a phone interview. 

The profile Esparza posted on xHamster — a video-sharing and online community porn hub — included Hendricsen's full name, photos of both the assistant principal and his wife scraped, or copied,from the Gateway Pointe Elementary School website, and described the couple as "swingers" looking to play. For further humiliation, Esparza included four photos of male genitals (scraped from Craiglist personal ads, but identified as Hendricsen's), and more than a dozen "favorited" videos on the porn hub, all deliberately chosen by Esparza for their naughty school girl themes.

"People who think these kinds of pranks are funny don't really understand how the Internet works," he said. "In this case, who knows what's been done with the information (on the fake profile) before it was taken down, who's seen it and how many copies are out there? Once something's posted on the Internet, it's out there forever."




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