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by Hal Mooz 4. August 2012 07:32

Hamilton: I'm struggling to quit tobacco

Texas Rangers All-Star Josh Hamilton, who has talked about being disobedient to the Lord but failing to explain the details, on Friday explained what he had done. Hamilton has had a problem kicking his smokeless tobacco habit. In a statement released Friday, Hamilton said he has an "issue" was with discipline — professionally at the plate and personally with quitting chewing tobacco. "I was hesitant to address the tobacco once again, because it's an area that I've struggled with trying to quit in the past," Hamilton said. "I wanted to have some time of success 'under my belt' before addressing it again publicly but feel I haven't been given that option with all of the speculating out there as to what the 'mystery issue' was." Hamilton tried to quit using smokeless tobacco at the end of June, opting to use toothpicks coated in tea-tree oil.


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