Regretable Decision

by Hal Mooz 9. September 2012 07:48

Demi Lovato Regrets Getting 12 Tattoos Before Age 20

"Think before you ink," Demi Lovato!

During an appearance on "LIVE! With Kelly and Michael" on Sept. 5, the "X Factor" judge admitted she's beginning to regret getting 12 tattoos in her teens. Pointing to a drawing of her friend's lips on the inside of her leftforearm, Lovato called the tattoo "a spur of the moment, stupid decision

Lovato, 20, has even considered getting her tattoos removed. "I've thought about it before because, you know, when I get older I don't know if I want to have 'rock and roll' on my middle finger," she explained. "But I'm young and I can rock it now. When I get older, I can worry about it later."




































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