Addiction Based Judgment Takes Its Toll

by Hal Mooz 12. September 2012 14:52

Meth gives former 'America's Next Top Model' contestant a bad makeover

More proof that meth addiction does nothing for your looks: Jael Strauss, The former "America's Next Top Model" contestant, who appeared on the show in 2007, is the focus of an upcoming episode of "Dr. Phil" in which an intervention is staged to try to save the 28-year-old from her addiction. While on "ANTM," Strauss was shaken when her friend died of an overdose and dedicated her photo taken that week to her lost friend. The once-aspiring model is nearly unrecognizable in previews of the "Dr. Phil" episode and definitely looks older than her 28 years, thanks to the ravages of meth addiction.


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