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by Hal Mooz 24. November 2012 14:32

Former teacher loses license over questionable massages by students

A former teacher in Florida's Broward County who was accused of soliciting massages from students has lost her license to teach in the state. Cheryl Grampa, 46, was barred by the state's Education Practices Commission in an order this month. School district investigators said that during the 2009-2010 school year, one boy touched her breasts and vaginal area and she failed to notify the school administration about the inappropriate conduct, according to the state's complaint. No criminal charges were filed, but the Broward School Board voted to suspend her for five days and ordered her to undergo classroom management training, the Sun-Sentinel reported.

Two psychological evaluations later found her "unfit for duty as a classroom teacher" and she resigned last December, according to state records.


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