Extreme Greed Driven Decision

by Hal Mooz 5. December 2012 09:05

Grandmother Loses Everything in Scam

At 81 years old, Adeline Cisneroz is trying to rebuild the life she thought was going to be easy. The San Jose mother of five, grandmother of 12, and great-grandmother of six has lived alone since her second husband passed away 15 years ago. She thought she would be able to live out her golden years not just peacefully, but comfortably after saving up tens of thousands of dollars “for any emergency that came up.”

The emergency never came, but the money was taken from her by someone she loved dearly. Her granddaughter had asked to stay at her San Jose home and Cisneroz agreed. However, soon the tone changed from polite houseguest to indignant host, said Cisneroz. “She says, ‘I’m just telling you, it’s my house.’ That’s when I started checking with the bank.” The 81-year-old recalled the heart-wrenching feeling that rippled through her body when she realized that money in all three of her bank accounts was gone - $85,000 wiped clean. Cisneroz said her granddaughter showed a medical insurance agent that she held power of attorney before cashing out her grandmother’s medical policies.



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