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by Hal Mooz 21. December 2012 09:21

Woman plans to marry the man convicted of murdering her twin sister

It's a story that would require suspending disbelief in a soap opera: a woman marrying her twin sister's alleged killer. The betrothed in this case are an Argentine couple, Edith Casas and Victor Cingolani, the latter of whom is serving 13 years in prison for the 2010 murder of Johana Casas, Edith's sister. (He maintains his innocence.) The pair are to be wed Friday. The bride's mother is aghast over the pending nuptials, saying her daughter is "guilty of a terrible betrayal." Edith defends her boyfriend of five years, saying "Victor is not a violent person" and that the couple have "no doubts about what we’re doing. We love each other." That's what we call true romance.



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