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by Hal Mooz 16. January 2013 17:38

Family says surgeon left 16 items in man's body, understandably sues

The last thing you want to see post-surgery is a gauze pad poking out of your skin, but that's what happened to Dirk Schroeder after his surgeon allegedly left 16 items inside his body. After routine prostate cancer surgery in 2009 failed to relieve the 74-year-old German man's pain, a visiting nurse noticed the offending gauze pad emerging from one of his wounds. Schroeder underwent two operations to extract a haul of items, including a 6-inch bandage roll, cotton swabs, a needle and a piece of surgical mask. The hospital insists the paraphernalia entered his body after the surgery. Although Dirk died of his cancer last year, his family is now suing the hospital for $120,000.



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