Doctrine Based Judgment Fails To Save A life

by Hal Mooz 4. March 2013 20:05

Policy questioned after nurse refuses to do CPR

A California 911 dispatcher begs a nurse at an independent living facility to perform CPR on an elderly woman who collapsed, fell unconscious and was barely breathing. During the 911 call, the dispatcher desperately tried to get the nurse to find someone who would try to save the 87-year-old woman if she wouldn't perform CPR herself.

“Is there a gardener ... any staff? Anybody that doesn’t work for you, anywhere?” the dispatcher asks, according to the 911 call, which was heard on TODAY Monday. “Can we flag someone down in the street and get them to help this lady? As a human being, I don’t, you know, is there anybody that’s willing to help this lady and not let her die?”

“Um, not at this time,” the nurse says.

Despite the 911 dispatcher's request, no member of the staff at Glenwood Gardens in Bakersfield, Calif. would administer CPR. The nurse at the assisted living facility told the 911 dispatcher it was against company policy to administer the potentially life-saving technique. The head of the facility said the nurse did follow company policy..



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