Skydiving - A Permanent Decision

by Hal Mooz 24. March 2013 10:05

Sky-dive instructor, student killed in Florida jump

Police identified the two men as 41-year-old instructor Orvar Arnarson and his 25-year-old student Andrimar Pordarson, both from Iceland. The two men took part with 20 other people Saturday in skydiving jumps from a plane in Zephyrhills, about 30 miles northeast of Tampa, said Pasco County sheriff's spokeswoman Melanie Snow. They were reported missing, touching off an hours-long search Saturday.

Snow said an air-and-ground search was begun when only 20 of the 22 skydivers returned from their jumps late Saturday morning. The bodies were discovered by spotters from the air early Saturday evening in woods south of the Zephyrhills Municipal Airport.



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