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by Hal Mooz 12. April 2013 15:17

Chicago Grandma Accused of Commissioning Grandson to Kill Grandpa

A Chicago grandmother and grandson are accused of teaming up to kill the grandfather before allegedly going on a shopping spree with his money. William Strickland was shot to death March 2 as he waited outside his house for a bus to take him to a weekly dialysis appointment. At a hearing Saturday, prosecutors said that Janet Strickland and William D. Strickland conspired to kill William Strickland in order to get his money, according to WLS.

Shortly after Strickland’s death, neighbors saw his teenage grandson driving a shiny new red sports car. “Everybody was saying, ‘Well, how did he get the money to get it? And who gave it to him?’” neighbor Tyrese Kyles told WLS. “That’s what all the speculation was about.” Prosecutors said the car was a payment from the grandmother to the grandson for the alleged murder. The teenager also got new tattoos, shoes and a phone, according to WLS.





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