Unusual Faith Based Decision

by Hal Mooz 23. June 2013 10:06

Christian Domestic Discipline = husbands spank wives?

The idea of a husband spanking his wife usually brings out one of two reactions: 1) freaks need fun too, or 2) that’s abuse. Followers of Christian Domestic Discipline followers call it an "alternative lifestyle" that ensures the wife is wholly submissive to her husband. Wives let their husbands spank or otherwise physically punish them if they act disobediently, or they might get "corner time" as a child would. It’s difficult to say how many people participate in CDD, but online communities suggest a number of followers in the "low thousands." Forensic psychologist Jim Alsdurf makes the practice sound not at all divinely inspired: "A relationship that infantilizes a woman is one that clearly draws a more pathological group of people."



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