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by Hal Mooz 28. July 2013 09:40

Beijing's ban on 'big & vicious' dogs keeps canines on the run

BEIJING – A local law has put some Beijing residents on the run, as they fight to keep their best friends alive and well. A local law bans 41 dog breeds from city limits for being “big and vicious.” The law also limits how tall a dog can be -- 14 inches is the maximum height.   

The provision has been on the books since 1994, but only began to be strictly enforced this year. The new enforcement has shocked many Beijing residents. “This is nonsense. How can they decide whether a dog is vicious?” she asked, as her white, furry friend, whom she refers to as her daughter, joyfully ran around the park with her companions. Wang was not sure what kind of threat a sheepdog posed to the public.

As it turns out, authorities are not so sure either. The director of the Chaoyang District Office of Dog Management, who was only willing to provide his family name, Liu, responded to NBC News' request to clarify the rationale behind the law.

“We don’t know either. We are here to carry out the job,” Liu said



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