Doctrine Based Decision Lasts and Lasts

by Hal Mooz 13. August 2013 17:08

My father used to say, "What you put down with a pen you cannot chop out with an ax."

Man's NYC apartment rent is cheaper than a Twinkie

It's pretty safe to say that no one has paid less than David Lieberman to live on the island of Manhattan since Native Americans ran the place. His current rent for a two-bedroom apartment on Morningside Boulevard in Harlem is — wait for it — one dollar a month. Lieberman got the place for $2,100 in 2006, then discovered that the former tenants had been allowed by the city to pay $1 a month while fire repairs were being made. They didn't move back in, and the apartment appeared on Craigslist at market value. Lieberman sued the landlord, claiming he was deceived into thinking the pad was no longer rent stabilized. He won, getting a $104,000 settlement and his sweet one dollar rent. The landlord's legal attempts to break the deal have come to nothing. So Lieberman stays. Provided he can come up with $12 a year.


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