Critical Decision To Be Made Based On Uncertainty

by Hal Mooz 30. August 2013 09:14

Bush: Obama has ‘tough choice to make’ on Syria

Former President George W. Bush said Friday that his successor has a “tough choice to make” on U.S. intervention in Syria, as American allies and Congress appear to be balking at the idea of a strike on Syrian military assets.

The former president – who launched a military intervention in Iraq in 2003 based on the belief that that country’s leader, Saddam Hussein, was harboring stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction – said that he did not want to get “roped in” to commenting on the ongoing debate over whether a strike in Syria would be justified based on its regime’s apparent use of chemical weapons.

Asked about his thoughts on the international community’s apparent reluctance to sign off on military intervention, Bush – who assembled a “coalition of the willing” of more than two dozen countries before his invasion of Iraq – declined to comment.

“The president has to make a tough call,” he repeated. “I know that you’re trying to subtly rope me in to the issues of the day. I refuse to be roped in. “


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