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by Hal Mooz 7. November 2013 12:31

Navy bribery scandal: 'The Hangover' on the high seas

Allegations that top officials fed classified information to a foreign defense contractor in exchange for hookers, cash and other kickbacks has ensnared the U.S. Navy in a lurid scandal that splits the difference between a Tom Clancy novel and "The Hangover."

A third senior official, U.S. Navy Cmdr. Jose Luiz Sanchez, 41, was arrested in Tampa, Fla., on Wednesday and charged with accepting escorts, high-end hotels, pricey plane tickets, $100,000 cash and a bevy of other payoffs from Leonard Francis — a Malaysian contractor known in military circles by the blunt sobriquet "Fat Leonard."

Federal prosecutors allege Leonard used luxury goodies and graft to lure Sanchez and other Navy officials into a scheme that overcharged the Pentagon by millions.

Glenn Defense Marine Asia (GDMA), Francis' Singapore-based company, allegedly submitted "bogus invoices for millions of dollars in services," according to the criminal complaint cited by a release from prosecutors from the U.S. attorney's office in San Diego.

The arrest Wednesday is just the latest twist in a massive fraud case that has rocked the Navy and could expose far-reaching national security violations.


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