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by Hal Mooz 9. May 2014 13:04

Man gets life for killing wife for insurance money

A South Florida man was sentenced to life in prison Wednesday for killing his wife of four days to collect a $1 million life insurance policy.

Escoto was newly married to Wendy Trapaga, 21, when he strangled and beat her to death in October 2002, prosecutors said. Escoto initially tried to drug Trapaga during their Key West honeymoon and make her death look like an accidental drowning, but Trapaga complained her drink was too chalky. He tried to drown her again several days later in a Jacuzzi at Miami's Executive Airport Motel, but he couldn't get her to stay under water. He finally beat her to death with a tire iron outside a warehouse later that night, prosecutors said.

The lead witness against Escoto was his ex-girlfriend, Yolanda Cerrillo. With immunity from prosecution, Cerrillo told jurors she helped Escoto plan the murder, ground up the prescription painkillers to knock Trapaga out and even practiced with Escoto how to drown the young woman. She also admitted driving Escoto away from the crime scene and taking him to dispose of the tire iron in Biscayne Bay.


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