Can Something Bad Happen And Is It Permanent?

by Hal Mooz 21. May 2014 19:53

Dad: Kicking son down skateboard ramp was 'a bonehead decision'

Kicking his son down a skateboard ramp "was my poor attempt at trying to help him overcome his fear," Marcus Crossland told NBC's Kerry Sanders. "It was a bonehead decision." 

"It was an effort to help him, but it didn't come out that way," Crossland told Sanders. "I'm sorry that I made that decision to use that tactic as opposed to another. I'm sorry for the outcome. Because of a decision I made, my wife and my children and everybody has got to deal with it." 

"You can be the most amazing, kind-hearted, giving person in the world — all it takes is that two seconds and people will hate you." 

The family said Crossland lost his job as a result of the fallout. Now, the family says they plan to move. 

"It's affected our family, it's affected our day-to-day lives, it's affected our jobs, our household," said Crossland. "Now those three seconds of video footage didn't necessarily really affect us. The repercussions have."




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