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by Hal Mooz 16. June 2014 13:10

'Hoarder' Found Dead Under Piles in Home

A Connecticut woman was found dead in the basement of a home packed with clutter in Cheshire on Saturday, her body buried beneath a first floor that collapsed under the weight of it all, police said.

A neighbor, who described Mitchell as a "hoarder to the extreme" who rarely left home, said trash was packed from the floor to the ceiling insider the home.

The structural damage to the first floor was so significant that emergency responders couldn't enter the home safely until Saturday morning. Once they were able to get inside, police found Mitchell's body in the basement of the home she'd lived in for decades. She had apparently been living in the basement.

"The third day they located her, and I guess she was in there for a pretty long time," Ryan O'Connor, a neighbor said. The first floor had given way and Mitchell's body was found buried in the rubble, according to neighbors.

Emergency crews had to tear open a wall and use an excavator to sift through all the trash, according to people in the neighborhood.

Stopkoski said she hadn’t seen Mitchell in a month. Other neighbors didn’t even know Mitchell was still living in the home.

The home is considered a hazmat situation, according to police. Authorities expect to demolish the home, but have not announced when that will happen.


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